September 30, 2017

Food In Fairy Tales

Food in fairy tales is almost as common as princesses in peril. There's Snow White's apple, Goldilocks and her porridge, and, the mother of all foods in fairy tales: The Gingerbread House.

It's not surprising that food is so important in fairy tales, because the stories get to the heart of human desires: Wealth, marriage, power, vanquishing enemies, curing infertility, and satisfying powerful cravings. Considering that food security was not a given hundreds of years ago (or now, depending on where you live) its no wonder that the the Little Match Girl envisions a grand feast before dying.

I'm only touching lightly on food in fairy tales here, but for more, here are some articles you can check out:

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Image illustrators in order; Margaret Tarrant, Bessie Wilcox Smith, unknown, and Anton Piek.

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