September 27, 2017

About the Fundrazr Rewards Images

What's with that array of images in this post and the first Fundrazr post, you may be asking? If you didn't have time to read through the original post, those images are all about the rewards for donating.

I know I've been hitting the campaign hard, but it's literally true that without raising the funds we need, EC will not last another full year, if that. 

But we wanted to make giving fun! So, we worked with Sara at the fabulous Artisans Shoppe on Etsy to make available 30 images to choose from on as rewards for giving. Here's a link to The Artisans Shoppe:

Sara's images are top quality, crisp and clear and perfect for crafts projects or digital design. You can't sell them as digital images, but you have plenty of room for projects otherwise. The images are all vintage and through Sarah's efforts, have been spruced up for today's use.

Please read below for the rewards and how the images figure into the campaign:

Contributors at the $10 level will be able to pick five digital images out of 30 that will be available. 

Contributors at the $20 level will be able to pick 10 images, plus help pick art for a special edition Issue in EC.

Contributors at $30 level will be able to pick 20 images, help pick art for the special edition, and have a character in a story published in EC named after him or her.

Contributors at the $50 level will receive 20 images, plus a chance to write his or her own post in the special edition. In addition, he or she will be able to pick one free ebook from World Weaver Press's amazing roster of books.

Contributors at the $75 level will receive all of the above rewards, plus all 30 images (total) from The Artisans Shoppe. In addition, they will be thanked in the next anthology I edit about Baba Yaga, coming in 2018 from World Weaver Press.

Contributors at the $100 and above level will receive all of the above, plus have a character named after him or her in one of The Baba Yaga stories.

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