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Writers on Writing Interviews Nancy Clark & Rebecca Buchanan

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This week, Writers on Writing shines our interviewing spotlight on two of the authors in EC's Emperor's New Clothes Issue: NANCY BREWKA-CLARK and REBECCA BUCHANAN
"The royal marriage, while magical to outsiders, was actually a dismal affair because the king was not just dim-witted, bad-tempered and selfish, but exceedingly vain and more than a bit of a clotheshorse. His last three wives had been executed for committing the mortal sin of outshining him..."
What do a shepherd's wife, a ram, a lady-of-the-privy-stool, a queen's dress, and an out of control ego have in common? Check out Nancy's original story, A Tale Spun of Whole Cloth, to find out...And get to know a bit about N…

Writers on Writing Double Author Interview

The Emperor's New Clothes Issue is out and this week,  Writers on Writing is featuring the first two authors in the issue:  Kiyomi Appleton Gaines and  Deborah L.E. Beauchamp
First up, we have 3 QUESTIONS FOR Kiyomi Appleton Gaines
"The experiment in vulnerability was not considered a success. He wanted to convey that these rumors were not true, were unfounded, yet only prevailed in terrorizing his entire kingdom. He was only a man like any other, he wanted to say. But no, his wise sister insisted, he was not like any other man. He was a ruler, and thus, he must rule."
Kiyomi's story, Re-Covered, explores a different side to the classic Emperor's New Clothes fairy tale that is worth the read. In this interview, she gives some insight into her creative process.
1.What is the first fairy tale that left a big impression on you?  Kaguya-hime changed how I thought about stories. There were other fairy tales I loved as a kid, many introduced to me through the Disney versions, …