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Have you ever wondered what happened to the Emperor after he took his infamous walk through the town? Well, author Sarah Deeming explores this idea in her story, "The Empire's New Emperor," which will be featured in EC's upcoming The Emperor's New Clothes Issue, due out later this month. Writers on Writing interviewed Sarah this week, and she shares her thoughts and tips on the writing process. Check it out!

1.  What is your favorite fairy tale and why? 
I think my favorite fairy tale is The Wild Swans for two reasons. The first is the relationship between the princess and her brothers. They’re willing to go to extreme lengths to help each other. The second is the ending, her youngest brother will have a swan’s wing for an arm for the rest of his life. Life isn’t neat, and fairy tales don’t hide that from us. Actions have consequences and sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. Sometimes we must make do with good enough. 

Art by Helen Stratton

2.  Where did your love of storytelling and writing come from? 
I can’t think of a specific incident that started my love affair with storytelling and writing. Ever since I could read and write for myself, I’ve been making stories up. I remember my bedroom being full of books and pieces of paper with half written stories on them. Not that I ever showed anyone what I was working on. I can’t imagine ever not writing. Even when I’m in the gym, my mind is still working on an aspect of a story I’m writing or the last thing I read. And the more I write or the more I study different aspects of writing, the more I love it. 

3.  What tips do you have for new writers on how to get a short story published?
One tip is to get to know the publication you are submitting to. Read past editions, their guidelines, their blogs. You’ll understand what sort of things they like and what they don’t. If they don’t like stories about zombies, then don’t waste your time or theirs submitting your zombie story no matter how good it is. It’ll never get accepted. You’ll also know whether you like them too. I wouldn’t send a short story to someone if I didn’t enjoy the work they publish.
Another tip is never give up. If you keep reading and writing, studying and submitting, you will get there.

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Interview by Amanda Bergloff


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