The Emperor's New Clothes Issue - Table of Contents

Enchanted Conversation is excited to present The Emperor's New Clothes Issue this month! This issue offers stories and poems by authors who took this classic fairy tale in new directions with their unique ideas. 

What happened to the Emperor after he took his infamous walk through the town? How does a cunning Empress inform her subjects on the "real" fate of the Emperor? Is a son bound to follow in his father's rusty footsteps even though he knows it would be wrong?...and just why is nude the new four other tales and poems for our EC readers. Enjoy!

Kiyomi Appleton Gaines

Deborah L.E. Beauchamp

Erin Wyble Newcomb

Rebecca Buchanan

Gerri Leen

Sarah Deeming

Amelia Gorman

Nancy Brewka-Clark

Note: All of the accompanying art in this issue was created by Amanda Bergloff, contributing editor and art director here at EC.


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