August 29, 2017

Game of Thrones: Where are the Direwolves?

The Season Seven Finale of Game of Thrones has been aired, and unlike many fans and critics, I enjoyed the season. But I have one big question: Where are the direwolves?


With Sansa and Arya having pulled off an awesome, deadly trick on Littlefinger, and with Theon being somewhat accepted by Jon Snow as a partial Stark, and with Jon being a Stark-Targaryen, I want to know why we have seen so little of the two remaining direwolves, Ghost and Nymeria. To me, that was one of the biggest plot holes in season seven.

I'm not bothered by the seemingly quick travel. We don't need lengthy travel stories all the time. The long travel stories set up and developed characters, and we know the characters well by now. If you're wondering how time is passing, then rewatch and take a closer look at baby Sam in the "Eastwatch" episode. That little fella is a lot older than when we last saw him. We're meant to know that substantial time passes, even if it seems like people get to places over night, when the same journey would have taken months before. That's my theory, anyway.

On to the direwolves. Recall that the adoption of the direwolves was very near the beginning of the whole saga. The direwolves were a big part of the early storyline, and when each of them was killed, fans mourned their deaths more than we mourned many human characters' deaths. And their deaths always seemed to foretell death or major change for their humans. I don't know about you, but Lady's death, early on, seemed a signal to me that things would start going bad for Sansa, although I had no idea just HOW bad. Especially since, having read the books, I know that Sansa was not married to the obnoxiously evil Ramsey Bolton, on the page, anyway. And her character grows significantly in the books, nonetheless. (The whole Ramsey marriage business is very different in the book.) But, I suppose the showrunners decided that Sansa had to be raped and tortured to become strong? Or something? (I still HATE that storyline. For more on the pernicious use of rape as plotline is Hollywood, see this: It's not that I think rape should never be part of a plotline, I just don't think it should be cheaply gratuitous.

So, direwolves clearly are supposed to matter in this story. We've got Nymeria having gone feral since Arya sent her away years ago (to protect Nymeria), and where was Jon's dog Ghost this season? Did I blink and miss him? Also, I think it's significant that even though Ned Stark raised Theon, and was his de facto dad, there weren't enough direwolves for him to have one. There could have been, but George R.R. Martin chose not to give him one. And who among the Stark's clan fell further than Theon--whose treatment was actually worse than death?

I'm still pretty happy with the show this year, but I want to know are those dogs are!

Anybody else have questions?


  1. Yes, where is Jon's wolf? Maybe he left him at Winterfell when he went south?

    1. I think so, but I miss them from the story line. I just reread the beginning of the first book, and th direwolves are significant from the beginning. Very frustrating.

  2. I am expecting them to return when they are most needed - even Nymeria. I haven't read the books but I have had my brother explain their role in there. It is interesting what stays and what goes when stories are adapted.

    1. There is a lot left out, but in some ways, it improves the story. Still, I love both.