August 16, 2017

Fairy Tale Roundup Surprise

This month's Fairy Tale Roundup, the newsletter for EC and other fairy-tale-related sites offers some great reading and writing opportunities. And I have popped an announcement in it that both new fairy tale fans and writers might find pretty exciting.

This news will hopefully inspire fans of a particular genre of classic stories featuring one of the most bizarre yet fabulous characters in all of fairy tales. This character has never been a theme on EC.

I'll be making a full announcement here later this month. But the identity of the character and the project type is only available as of now in this month's FTR. You can sign up by filling in the pop-up form on mobile view or desktop. Or, look for "Subscribe to Fairy Tale Roundup" on the roll-down menu on your mobile view or at the top of the page on the desktop view.

Image by Kay Nielsen.

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