Table of Contents, 'Donkeyskin' Issue

What an issue we have this month! Lots of poems and some stories--all intriguing and entertaining. As usual, the competition was fierce, and it was clear that the challenging original story really made our final contributors use their imagination and writing skills.

All of the fabulous art was created by Amanda Bergloff, contributing editor and art director here at EC.

Here's the table of contents:

Knight of the Sun, Moon, and Stars, Angie Dickinson

Hide, Lissa Sloan

Worth the Wait, Jeana Jorgensen

Courage's Lament, Cara L. McKee

Boyskin, Dusty Thorne

Dishwater Dreaming, Debby Zigenis-Lowery

The Swamp King, Laura Diaz de Arce

With Diamond Dress, Michael Delaney


  1. Reading this issue, I was so struck by the empowering feel of these stories and poems.


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