Authors for 'Donkeyskin' Issue


Before I announce the authors chosen for the "Donkeyskin" Issue, I want to point out that just below this post is an excellent post about "Fairy Tales For Resistance." Don't miss it!

Here are the authors:

Angie Dickinson 
Lissa Sloan
Laura Diaz de Arce
Dusty Thorne
Michael Delaney
Debbie Zigenis-Lowery
Jeana Jorgensen 
Cara L McKee

Thank you to all who submitted. It was a tough issue to decide upon. Definitely need to get the budget up, because I'd have been glad to go to 10 or 11 works for the issue.

The image is just something I found and liked on Pinterest. I think it's from The Disney Princess Tumblr. 


  1. YAY! Looking forward to seeing the Donkeyskin contributions in all their sumptuous glory.

  2. I'm excited to be included and can't wait to read everyone's work in this issue!

  3. Congrats! Can't wait to read your work. And I'm hoping the proverbial third time will be the charm! ;)