May 5, 2017

Window for 'Donkeyskin' Issue Open

The "Diamonds and Toads Issue" is out. You can find it HERE:

The window for the "Donkeyskin" issue is now open and will remain open until May 30 at 11:59 p.m., EST.

Submissions for our next theme will need to be inspired by "Donkeyskin," which you can read more about here:

However, "Donkeyskin," by Charles Perrault, is a tale not everyone wants to work with, for reasons which will become clear by following the link above, if you are unfamiliar with the tale. 

As a result, writers and poets interested in submitting for the "Donkeyskin," edition, but who aren't thrilled about the Perrault version, may use similar tales as inspiration, like "Cap O Rushes," "Catskin," or "Tattercoats." Please do let me know in your submission that you are using a similar tale to "Donkeyskin." 

Here are the submission guidelines: 

And please don't forget that your story should show a thematic link to the the story for that issue.

Examples of work EC publishes are not only part of the guidelines, but you can also read the current issue. (I've been getting a lot of submissions lately from people who clearly have never visited the site.)

Image by HJ Ford

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