April 19, 2017

Watch I Married a Witch

Have any of you ever seen 1942's I Married a Witch? It's a delightfully silly film starring Fredric March and Veronica Lake. Veronica Lake, for those not in the know, was famous for her peekaboo hairstyle, on display on the cover of the notebook in this image.

The movie, which is sort of fuzzy in sound and look, features a real witch, and her father, also a witch, being burned at the stake by Puritans. They curse the family of the chief accuser to always be unhappy in marriage. That's what happens over many decades, as the ashes of the father-daughter witches wait for freedom. Freed they are. Romantic comedy ensues. All is right at the end, but not before plenty of hijinks and a touch of malice.

I Married a Witch remains a popular movie. It's the lightest of fantasy. A bit of a fairy tale, it never fails to cheer me up. And Veronica Lake is lovely in it. To read more about the movie, you can go HERE:

You can often find I Married a Witch on TCM during October. (By the way, Alec Baldwin is taking up some of the work of the late and much beloved TCM presenter, Robert Osborne. That should be fun. To learn more about that, go HERE: http://bit.ly/2oPhiCc.)

The notebook featured here is just one of many the winner of the three notebook giveaway will get to choose from. To enter, go HERE: http://bit.ly/2oSzzB2


  1. I love this movie but it is not Lana Turner but Veronica Lake who is the witch in the movie and is famous for that one-eyed hair style. I am an over the top old movie fan. Another good witch movie is Jimmy Stewart's Bell, Book and Candle.

    1. Shari:
      Thank you so much! I can't believe I made that mistake. I know difference. Both were spectacular blonds with very troubled lives, but they really don't look alike. Thanks again

    2. I love this movie and Bell, Book and Candle. Maybe someday I'll have a Siamese I can name Pyewacket. :) Supposedly, Veronica Lake cut her hair during the war when women newly employed to fill in for missing men were getting their hair (worn like hers) caught in the machinery. It's a great story, true or no.

  2. I think I've read that too! I hope it's true.