April 14, 2017

Sign Up for FairyTale Roundup!

We have some great news for fairy tale fans and writers: Fairy Tale Roundup is a newsletter that Amanda and I (but really Amanda) have been working on. I've had a newsletter of sorts the last few years, but this one will be a proper monthly effort filled with information about writing and reading opportunities for fairy tale fans. (Shoutout to Amanda for making the logo below.)

First, it's important that you know how to sign up. Because I'm stuck with this persnickety platform, the sign up box will not not pop up on mobile view. The good news is that if you roll down the mobile menu, you'll see Fairy Tale Roundup. Click on it and you will see how to sign up.

If you go to the web view, the pop up will do its job. But if you don't sign up on the first pop up, it may not pop up again. Fortunately, there's a sign up box on the web view sidebar.

If this all seems clear as mud, I'll make it easy: You can sign up HERE: http://bit.ly/2nN75bZ

It won't just be EC news. World Weaver Press is the publisher of all of my anthologies, plus it publishes lots of fantasy, paranormal and science fiction books. Each month, you'll get news of forthcoming publications and submission opportunities. It's a great company and you'll like learning more about it from publisher Sarena Ulibarri. You'll find the site HERE: www.worldweaverpress.com.

Gypsy Thornton is the brains behind Once Upon a Blog. The site is jam-packed with fairy tale news. I think it's the best site on the web for it. And, even better, OUAB is partnered with Timeless Tales, Tahlia Kirk's wonderful webzine. TT publishes new fairy tales based on classic fairy tales and myths.

Timeless Tales is HERE: http://www.timelesstalesmagazine.com/ 

Fairy Tale Roundup will have news from EC and those three other sites each month, with the site Tales of Faerie, a lovely fae blog, sometimes in the mix.

Tales of Faerie is HERE: http://talesoffaerie.blogspot.com/?m=0 

We hope, in time, more sites will join in, making Fairy Tale Roundup the source for fairy tale news and fairy tale opportunities on the web.

But remember, to get the news, you need to sign up here at EC. 

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