April 26, 2017

Fairy Tale Roundup: Sign Up!


Hi All:
Don't forget to sign up for Fairy Tale Roundup, a newsletter that won't just feature Enchanted Conversation news, but also news from Once Upon a Blog, Timeless Tales, World Weaver Press, and Tales of Faerie. 

You'll get a chance to read posts you might have missed or issues of webzines you didn't know were out there. And, most important for many of you, you'll find writing opportunities in folklore, myth and fairy tales. As you know, EC, TT and WWP (I love acronyms) are all publishers. 

Specifically to EC, each issue will offer tips about submitting work from yours truly. Tips that you won't find elsewhere. And you might get a heads up on giveaways and special writing opportunities. So sign up to learn more! 


Image by Andy Warhol. Yes, Andy Warhol, from early in his career.

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  1. This is so exciting! When will the first issue be in my inbox?