April 11, 2017

Enchanted Conversation Needs Your Help

Dear Supporters of Enchanted Conversation:

If you care at all about this site, please read this in its entirety.

EC has been publishing at this web address for five years. Before that, there was an original, now removed Enchanted Conversation Magazine site, and before that, there was Diamonds and Toads, also now defunct.

Over all of these years, it has been my great privilege and joy to publish the works of talented writers and poets. I've also paid for the privilege of doing so for all of these years. I firmly believe that writers and poets should be paid, even if the pay is token, but, in fact, while the sums of $30 for stories and $10 for poems are not princely, they aren't rock bottom either. That's what EC pays.

When evaluating submissions for each issue, I end up rejecting stories and poems that I think readers would enjoy because I don't have the money. And I would like to pay more for the works EC acquires.

It might surprise you to know that Enchanted Conversation costs me thousands of dollars a year. Besides paying for stories and poems, there are giveaways that promote the site, site costs, and all kinds of little necessities that nickel and dime me. 

I'm the bookkeeper for my household, and EC needs to start making money, plain and simple. The addition of Amanda Bergloff as Contributing Editor is helping the site enormously, and she's working on ways to promote and monetize the site. (Yes, I do pay her, but not nearly what she is worth.)

So how can you support EC? Here are some ways:

1) Amanda and I are hard at work planning a Patreon campaign. Patreon allows supporters of a creative endeavor to support it through regular donations. If just 300 people pledged $2 a month, EC could buy more stories and poems to publish. We would be able to pay contributors more if just an additional 25 people paid $5 per month. 

The great thing about Patreon is that creators develop rewards systems, with the rewards getting better and better the higher the pledge level. But make no mistake, every $2 a month pledge we get would be a huge benefit to EC. And you'll like the rewards at that level.

If you are curious about how Patreon works, visit the Patreon page for Timeless Tales HERE: http://bit.ly/2ppwmFI 

2) Please visit my Zazzle store and buy something you like. I'm very busy increasing my inventory. The inventory is filled with items you'd have trouble buying anywhere else. I know how to get ahold of fantastic images and used them well. Here's a link:

3) In the near future, EC and other fairy tale and myth and publishing sites (like Timeless Tales) will be working together to send a monthly newsletter called "Fairy Tale Roundup." Soon you will be seeing a pop up to sign up for the newsletter. Please do. I will no longer be doing an email list, so even if you've signed up to follow EC on social media or for an email list, please sign up again. The newsletter will not only feature great info on other sites, but it will have tips and insights into Enchanted Conversation you won't be able to find anywhere else.

4) Please participate in giveaways (there's a great one now HERE: http://bit.ly/2oSzzB2). Please comment on stories and poems and regular posts that you like. Tell your friends about the site. Urge them to visit and comment. None of these actions cost a thing, but they really do help.

I love publishing EC. I love the work that I get to read every submissions period. I love fairies, fairy tales, myth, and all the art that goes with it. Please give Enchanted Conversation your support.

Yours in Enchantment,
Kate Wolford 


  1. Wishing you luck on making the site awesome!

  2. I love the Patreon model, and support several artists/creators there. I look forward to supporting Enchanted Conversation there as well.

    1. Thank you, Ben. Now if we could get just a few hundred more supporters! 😁

    2. Ditto! Patreon is great! EC will get my support too. (Now you just need 298 more. 😉)

    3. Thank you! And 298 is doable--I hope! 😊