April 9, 2017

Check Out EC's Zazzle Store, And Buy!

You're going to be seeing more calls for checking out EC's Zazzle Store, Enchanted Shopping. You can find it here: http://bit.ly/2oSxtRG

It's full of fairy tale items, of course, but I love flappers, and Art Deco in general. Plus, I like a little spookiness thrown in every now and again. I'm working on making lots of cool notebooks right now, so if you don't see something today, come back ina few days, I'll have more!

Amanda Bergloff, Contributing Editor here at EC, has been hard at work making the site better, making great art, working on a new newsletter system, and helping me think of ways to make money from EC.

I very much want EC to continue, but it costs me many thousands of dollars a year to keep it going. If you'd like to see it continue, one way to help is to check out EC's Zazzle store, and buy something (if you like something). Remember, I will be expanding the merchandise. And look for sales at Zazzle. There's one on today.

In the future, we will be rolling out a Patreon pledge campaign, but that takes a lot of planning. If you'd like to see how the system works, and support an outstanding site, Timeless Tales, check this out:

Timeless Tales is also a webzine that pays for fairy tale and mythical retellings. I support the site and wish you would as well. 

If you want to keep intrusive ads off of EC, please consider being willing to chip in somehow. But first, just enjoy the shopping at the Zazzle store. Here's the link again: http://bit.ly/2oSxtRG

The image is of just three of the items in the shop. 

And don't forget. A triple notebook giveaway starts at 12 a.m. April 10. Here are the details:


  1. Oooh! These are so cool! I will buy some:) Do you take suggestions? I would love to see the Truth in Fairytales on some other products (notebook, mug, etc.) And Arthur Rackham--please!!!

    1. I want to do more truth in fairy tales as well. And Arthur Rackham is pretty imeasy, although quality art downloads might be tricky.

    2. Specifically I love that wolf illustration with the Truth in Fairytales quote. I remember seeing that one on EC before and loving it then, too:)

  2. Love the new store. I will definitely be purchasing some items.