February 20, 2017

Frederick Little Packer, Artist

I'm cheating just a tiny bit in celebrating Frederick L. Packer today. While he was not a fairy tale illustrator, his illustrations remain absolutely delectable.

Not much seems to be known about Packer. He was clearly a political cartoonist--he won a Pulitzer for Editorial Cartooning in 1952, according to Wikipedia. The cartoon was called, "Your Editors Ought to Have More Sense than to Print What I Say." I guess that means "fake news," huh? Very 2017.

Anyway, back to the reason why I am featuring Packer: Many of his illustrations are lush, highly colored, and celebratory of the female form. They could easily be paired with stories of enchantment. His landscapes and backgrounds are deliciously colored. They are inspirations for dream times. And they are often very Art Deco, which I adore!

The early 20th Century was the Golden Age of Illustration, and even though Packer didn't illustrate tales of wonder, they sure do fire the imagination, as all of the best images from that time do.




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