February 24, 2017

Call for User Stories at Fairytalez, By Bri Ahearn

Fairytalez.com aims to be world’s largest collection of fairy tales, folk tales and fables online. As the home of more than 2,200 stories, we’re excited to announce the next stage of Fairytalez.com: user tales, or original stories written by our visitors. 

Once the user tales feature is officially launched, Fairytalez.com users can upload their own fairy tales, leave feedback on other users’ stories, save their favorite user tales or stories from our “classic” collection of Grimm, Perrault, Andersen and more.

Before we launch this new exciting feature, we would like to invite our first wave of users to upload their original fairy tales, folk tales and fables to the website. It’s our goal to have tales from 10 to 15 users before we go public. Uploading your original stories will not only let you be part of our exciting new feature, but will also give you exposure on Fairytalez.com’s website and social media channels. 

We’re inviting the fairy tale writing community to submit their tales to our pre-launch website. Our categories are diverse and include retellings, supernatural, action/adventure, religious, children’s stories, animal tales, and more. If you’re interested in being one of our first users, please email bri@fairytalez.com for more information; we’ll send you sign-up and submission instructions. 

We can’t wait to read your stories!

Editor's note: Image is from Fairytalez' header.

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