January 13, 2017

More Poetry, Please


There is a paucity of poetry in submissions to EC these days. In fact, it has been a problem for awhile. 

Finding great short stories for each issue is usually a no-brainer. But poetry is a problem, because simply put, I get very few useable submissions. 

The biggest problem is poetry that is NOT about the theme. (The same thing happens with stories, but not nearly so often.) I do not expect slavish devotion to a theme, but I promise you, if you submit a work that does not have a sense of the theme, you've wasted your time.

And here's a general reminder for all: I often get passive-aggressive little comments with submissions about following all of my rules. (Yeah, that'll help your chances.) This is my party, and understand, that even with the poetry problem, there are always more than enough submissions for every issue from talented, polite, creative people. Sooner or later, every one of these people will end up published in EC. Probably multiple times. Because they are, creative, talented, meticulous, and well mannered. This world is filled with amazing people.

Back to poetry. If you are a poet, 2017 is your year. You have to follow the rules, just like everyone else (no multiple poems submitted, please), but I'm looking for poems that bring old fairy tales into new ideas. Poetry inspired by classic fairy tales can go into delightfully unexpected places. Don't fool around with weird spacing or indents or characters. But do explore old and new methods of bringing fairy tales alive through poetry.

Poets, show me what you've got. 

Here are some "Steadfast Tin Soldier" images to inspire you. (Remember, that's the current theme.) The top image is by Marcia Brown. The first image below is by Elizabeth MacKinstry. Next is by Kay Nielsen. Last is by HJ Ford.





  1. Good to know, Kate--I'll be sending more poetry your way...

    Lorraine S.

  2. lovely pictures. I admit, I've been guilty of the rule breaking at times and the mentioning of the rule breaking. I'm trying harder not to break the rules without sacrificing my creativity in overthinking about rules. Thank you for giving writers a vehicle for their beautiful spin on fairy tales. Always wonderful to read.

    1. Thank you! And remember, you have been published in EC, so you are doing things right.