November 9, 2016

Please Remember the Themes of Issues


Hi All:

I have received some submissions for the last issue of the year, but it is distressing and time consuming to read submissions that do not, in any way, connect to the New Year.

I'm perplexed. I'm beginning to wonder if some source I know nothing about is giving bad info about EC.

Here is advice for all writers and poets: Never submit to a site without first very carefully reading the guidelines on the actual site. . (Do not rely solely on what a third party tells you about the publication.) Then read through the publication.

And understand, sending me an attachment as part of a submission is a bad idea. I will not open them. I've been burned.

What's more, sending me a work that has nothing to do with EC or fairy tales, because you think I might like them and pay you for it, is really bad.  It suggests that I don't mean what I say, and that I have unlimited time. Neither is true.

Most importantly, understand that competition is always tough for publication on the internet or anywhere else. Including publication in EC. The rules I have may seem too detailed for you, but they exist for a reason. And there are tons of talented writers who do follow the rules. I call those people "published writers."


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  1. Pantheon was having this same problem with their themed anthologies. They made it part of the submission guidelines that writers must explain how their story fits into the theme. Might work here, too (though if people aren't reading the entirety of the guidelines anyway, it won't). Me, I obsessively pour over the guidelines, and then often still screw up the submission somewhere. Heh.