November 22, 2016

He Sees You When He's Creepin' Out Today


He Sees You When He's Creepin': Tales of Krampus
is out today, and I think both fairy tale and folklore fans will love it. 

With twelve brand-new Krampus related stories, you'll see new sides to the horned and cloven hooved Santa sidekick. The first story, by Steven Grimm, "Villainess Ascending," mixes Cinderella, Krampus and Mother Holle to highly entertaining effect. And that's just the kickoff. A number of the stories have Krampus hard at work, while another bends his gender. There are even two origin stories.

The book abounds with humor, magic and occasional light horror. I hope you'll give it a read as well as an honest review. To learn more, visit World Weaver Press HERE:

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