November 3, 2016

Cubs Win a Cinderella Story?

I don't follow sports, but if I did, I'd follow baseball. I find it fairly easy to follow, and they have those cute uniforms.

Since my daughter moved to Chicago, she and her husband have become solid Cubs fans, so I know all about the Billy Goat Tavern curse, which you can read about here:

And I actually watched the game last night when, in a truly exciting battle, the Cubs won! For the first time in 108 years.

So, how does all of this connect to fairy tales? First, there is a curse. Curses happen in folklore. In fact, that's essentially what the bad fairy does to Sleeping Beauty at her christening. And the Beast in "Beauty and the Beast" has been cursed by a fairy. There are many more fairy tale curses. You can read about some of them here:

But what about the Cinderella angle? In sports a Cinderella story means a team that is way behind in status or performance wins despite all expectations. But can the Cubs really be classified as a team that entered the World Series as a Cinderella team? According to Twitter, yes. Ditto in some sports writing. It should be noted, however, that the Cubs were clearly a strong team this year, and their presence at the World Series was no fluke. 

I see the Chicago Cubs win as more of a Sleeping Beauty situation. After all, they "slept" as winners for a bit more than 100 years. True, there was no good fairy to ameliorate the curse, but I'm making the stretch here to show a connection, because that seventh game in the 2016 World Series was one beauty of a battle.

Edited to Add: This may portend the coming of:


In any case, this meme is true no more:


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