September 5, 2016

EC Ghost Story Submission Window Open

The window for submitting fairy tale ghost stories (or just ghost stories) opened Sept.1. It will close Sept. 30 at 12:59 pm.

Also, please remember that the fairy godmother issue is delayed, due to arthritis.



  1. I hope that you feel better! Sorry to hear about the arthritis

  2. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for reading the poem below.

    Edward Ahern
    282 Buena Vista Rd.
    Fairfield, CT 06825

    A Movement in the Shadows

    Is that you twirling shadows
    in the corner of my room?
    Are you waiting for my guilt
    to congeal into rank fear?
    Are you blotting out the lamplight
    and my hope for shards of peace?
    Is your hate so strong in death
    that it destroys my sleep?
    Am I cursed to feel your presence
    in all solitary moods?
    Is it just to damn the living
    for what cannot be undone?