August 12, 2016

Thanks to Denise Ortakales, Illustrator

Ever wonder where I get so much vintage fairy tale art? I have dozens of sources, but one of my top faves is Denise Ortakales' site Women Children's Book Illustrators. It's very user friendly, and is an excellent source to find art and information concerning women illustrators from the Golden Age of Illustration.

Not all of the illustrators on the site worked with fairy tales, but many did. And you can fall down the rabbit hole of delightful research at this site. EC is not a children's site, but the art at Women Illustrators is still very inspiring and useful to me. Check it out here:

Denise Ortakales is a well regarded children's illustrator and artist, who primarily illustrates children's books, which you can find out about here:

Thanks Denise!

Art by Wanda Gag, who you can learn about at the Women's Illustrators site.

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