June 21, 2016

Fairy Garden Delights

Fairy gardens are wee vignettes for your garden or home, often featuring fairy tales as themes. But other themes are popular as well. Most of the time, you build them in containers, although many fairy gardeners have dedicated fairy garden areas within the larger garden,

I just love them, and some day, will get around to making one. Until then, I have some links for you to enjoy. Here goes:

Fairy garden basics:

Fairy garden ideas:

Fairy gardens supplies:

The image is from fleamarketgardening.org.


  1. I love flower gardens, and enjoy seeing a fairy, squirrel, or woodland creature in them.

    1. Me too! This is definitely something I'm going to do.

  2. fairy garden in a jar takes all of 15 minutes, if you have moss available. What are you waiting for?