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Bonus Story: Lucy in the Sky, By Elise Forier Edie

Editor's note: Elise Forier Edie, one of my favorite fae and fairy tale writers, has supplied us with a wonderfully offbeat and engrossing midsummer story. The full midsummer issue will appear by the end of the month, enjoy!
None of the grown ups liked Uncle Bubba’s friend. Delia heard them talking on the front porch after supper.
“She done starved herself to look like a fashion plate,” murmured Aunt Adelaide, sucking on a Salem Light with the desperation of a child slurping a too-thick milkshake.
“Bubba told me she was vegan? Whatever that is?” Delia’s mama framed everything like a question.
“Means she only eats fruit,” snapped Granny, scratching at her eczema.
Adelaide blew a smoke ring. “Means she’s a damned snot. And that’s all there is to it.”
They snickered, and Delia, who’d been pretending to be a dog since after breakfast, chewed on what the joke might mean, but couldn’t ask about the punch line. Dogs couldn’t talk, after all, and anyway, she had made a promise.
Uncle Bubba’s ne…