May 27, 2016

Where are the Submissions? Midsummer Inspiration

I know it's just Memorial Day weekend, so we're more than three weeks away from Midsummer's Day or Solstice, which in the US is June 21. I'm a bit unclear on the difference between the two, so maybe a reader can enlighten me.

In any case, based on the potential of Midsummer for fairy tale or poetry subject matter, the submission number is shockingly low. I'm surprised, because midsummer was the theme I was most excited about and the one I thought would inspire the most entries.

Although time is running short (deadline is May 30, 11:59 p.m., EST), it's not too late to write something wonderful--story or poem.

Find the guidelines HERE.

Here is some gorgeous inspiration. I bought all of these images at D&D's Digital Delights, my favorite source for crisp and highly usable vintage images.

The artists for the images are, in order: Rie Cramer, Jessie M King, Eleanor Abbott, and Harry Clarke.


  1. I've always been told summer solstice is the longest day of the year and corresponds with the pagan sabbat of Litha, while midsummer's day corresponds with the Christian celebration of John the Baptist's birth - which is all the more confusing given the date is different across the pond.
    I hope you get some more submissions before the 30th, it does seem like an inspiring topic with so much folklore attached to summer solstice and midsummer.

    1. That info is really interesting. Thank you! I'm staring to get a few more submissions--at last.

  2. I found summer solstice a very exciting topic to work with. Also, the pictures you've offered for inspiration really draw me into their worlds. Writers hoping to be inspired by them might try entering the pictures in their imagination, really placing themselves there using all their senses. If they do, I'll bet stories will begin whispering to them.

    1. The deadline is looming! Just two and a half days. Did you submit?