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'Heavenly Godparents' and More

One of my favorite writers, Lissa Sloan, has written a post for Tales of Faerie.
It's called "Walk into a Forest: Heavenly Godparents and Other Immortals." In it, she explores how Christian figures like God, the Devil and Death make many appearances in fairy tales. 
Intrigued? Check it out here:
Here's one of the images from her post, by illustrator Heinrich Leffler:

CLOSED: Char Books Giveaway Ends Tonight!

CLOSED: The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm, EST! Hurry before it's too late. Find info here:

Authors Chosen for EC Rain Edition

The submissions for the rain issue of EC were amazing. I easily could have used 15 of the submissions if I had the money!

Here are the authors whose work were chosen:
Star O'Star Chanel Earl Kim Malinowski  Caroline Yu Amanda Bergloff  Shannon Connor Winward
Congrats to them all! 
For a rainy mood: