Submission Deadline March 30 and Midnight

The submission window for the rain issue of EC closes March 30 at midnight, EST.

Image has nothing to do with rain. It's just bizarre.


  1. Looking forward to reading the April issue! Everyone needs an element of fairy tale in their day!

  2. That's surely the happiest yam I've ever seen. (Or giddiest sweet potato.) You're such a wizard at resurrecting these classic illustrations, Kate!

  3. I've submitted. My fingers are crossed. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Well, maybe not a prancing sweet potato, but I think I might've mentioned potatoes in my submission, believe it or not. I love wacky images like this; was it an advertisement for yams? And why are its "arms" (eye sprouts?) black at the ends?! Fascinating! Your post will definitely make me think of this when I stick a potato in the microwave or broiler in the future.


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