January 29, 2016

About the New Fairy Tale Origins Study

No doubt you have read it heard about the new study that seems to support the idea that fairy origins are ancient indeed.

I'm busy with teaching, but an excellent post on it comes from William G. Pooley. Please read it. Very clear and thought provoking! 

Here is the LINK

Eye candy illustration by Rie Cramer:


  1. I have found this study, and resulting discussion, pretty fascinating. I read the paper, but unfortunately, I do not have the scientific background to understand the author's methods or how they came to the conclusions they did. But it's definitely inspired a spirited debate and gotten fairy tales some extra media attention.

  2. You're right, EC - very thought provoking. I don't often think about how long fairy tales have been around, since it feels like an organic extension of our collective human psyche, so I feel it's been around forever.
    Love the Cramer/Rumpelstilskin eye candy, by the way.

  3. I worked my way through the study, and I can't say I quite got all of it, but it was definitely interesting. I am also fascinated by the media attention. Here is my response post: