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Monte Beauchamp Krampus Swag

The multi-talented Monte Beauchamp is truly the godfather of the new popularity of Krampus in the USA. Here's some awesome Krampus swag for you to purchase on Amazon, courtesy of Monte:

Postcards here:
Greeting cards here.
Sticker book here.

Here's a classic Krampus image to help remind you why he's so great:

Throwback Thursday: Princessitude

Editor's note: Below is a post from five years ago. I wrote it originally for Diamonds and Toads, my first fairy tale site, which is now defunct. (Tahlia Merrill Kirk, editor of the fabulous fairy tale site, Timeless Tales, had D&T for several years.)
Anyway, there are some fun posts on there. One of these is below. Enjoy!

I frequently run across students and other adults who tell me they love, love, love fairy tales and wanted to be a princess when they grew up.
I always wonder: Why the hell would they want that?
A lot of the "princess" clothes in fairy-tale illustrations are lovely, but, in fact, were cumbersome and dangerous to wear. In some cases, they look so old-fashioned, that they just appear weird, not intriguingly super-vintage.
The princes (husbands) almost NEVER have their personal qualities described in detail. What we do find out, in some cases, is disturbing. The prince in "Snow White" offers to buy her, while she is in a coffin, and he believes h…