September 9, 2015

CLOSED--It's a WWP Three E-Book Giveaway!

Note: Sorry about the funny fonts. That's Blogger! I tried.

The generous people at World Weaver Press have agreed to a giveaway of three fantastic collections of short stories. Rhonda Parrish is the editor for all three books, and she is a great story picker. The books work thematically, because all involve a sense of wonder about "Magical Menageries," as Rhonda calls the three books' hook.

First is Fae. As described on WWP's site, it's like this: "Fairies have been both mischievous and malignant creatures throughout history. They’ve dwelt in forests, collected teeth or crafted shoes. Fae is full of stories that honor that rich history while exploring new and interesting takes on the fair folk from castles to computer technologies to modern midwifing, the Old World to Indianapolis." I have read the book and absolutely loved the variety of the selections. The stories vary from sweet to scary, and all show imaginative depth by the writers.

Next is Corvidae. I haven't read it, but I'm going to. From WWP: "Associated with life and death, disease and luck, corvids have long captured mankind’s attention, showing up in mythology as the companions or manifestations of deities, and starring in stories from Aesop to Poe and beyond.

In Corvidae birds are born of blood and pain, trickster ravens live up to their names, magpies take human form, blue jays battle evil forces, and choughs become prisoners of war. These stories will take you to the Great War, research facilities, frozen mountaintops, steam-powered worlds, remote forest homes, and deep into fairy tales. One thing is for certain, after reading this anthology, you’ll never look the same way at the corvid outside your window."

Finally, there's Scarecrow. Scared me. I just finished it, and it starts with a fabulous mood-setting poem by Jane Yolen, and spins off into places you'd never expect to find yourself--or a scarecrow. From WWP: "Hay-men, mommets, tattie bogles, kakashi, tao-tao—whether formed of straw or other materials, the tradition of scarecrows is pervasive in farming cultures around the world.

The scarecrow serves as decoy, proxy, and effigy—human but not human. We create them in our image and ask them to protect our crops and by extension our very survival, but we refrain from giving them the things a creation might crave—souls, brains, free-will, love. In Scarecrow, fifteen authors of speculative fiction explore what such creatures might do to gain the things they need or, more dangerously, think they want."

Now, the e-books giveaway details:
1) You must be 18 or over.
2) You can be from any country.
3) You MUST, absolutely MUST, guess a number between 400 and 1,000. That guess should be made in the comments sections of this post. Your comment doesn't need to be long, but it should be more than just the number. The winning number will be arrived at using a random number generator.
4) One entry per person.
5) The giveaway begins as of the moment this is posted. It ends on Sept. 26, EST, at 11:59 p.m.
6) The winner will be announced on Sept. 27. The winner will have 72 hours from the announcement post to contact me at If the winner fails to contact me within 72 hours, I will generate a new number and start the winner process again.
7) Keep checking back! And mark your calendar for Sept. 27.


  1. 750!

    I've read FAE and loved it! I have yet to read Corvidae and Scarecrow but I'm hoping to do so for this upcoming October. They sound like the perfect Halloween-prep reading... :D

  2. Number 467. These books are great treat for the season.
    M Sherman

  3. 777

    Thank you for introducing these to me.

  4. Iv'e seen these books around but never got a chance to read them and they seem really interesting :)


  5. 859
    Thanks for posting this! I've had "FAe" on my to read list for a while now, but I had missed hearing about the other two. Looking forward to reading them (even if I don't win LOL)

  6. 999

    SUCH gorgeous covers! Thanks for the giveaway, I'm dying to read them all.

  7. 446! These all sound fabulous. Thank you for doing this!

  8. Amber may have math issues... Anyway, I've heard about all of these books and was sad to miss getting into them. I sent an entry for Fae that didn't make the cut and life got too busy for me to complete my paired entries for Corvidae and Scarecrow. I'm sure they're all great ones, though, as I'm reading through B is For Broken right now.
    Gonna go obvious here: 666

  9. 824!!! And I think this giveaway is a cool idea! :D

  10. 472 These books all look so interesting!

  11. 924
    All these books look and sound amazing. It's a great opportunity to find new authors as well. I love anthologies :)


  12. 647

    Thanks for running this contest. The books all sound interesting.

  13. My number is 678. I loved Fae and would love to read the other two!

  14. For anyone interested, you can subscribe to Jane Yolen's poem-a-day service and get a poem delivered to your email box! And if you're a published picture book or middle grade author, you can apply to a workshop where you spend several days at Jane's house with her and her daughter Heidi and learn about improving your craft.

    I pick 411. Thanks!

  15. My number is 453. I know, on FB and in real life, several of the authors with works in these anthologies, and would dearly love to own them all.

  16. I've read a few of the stories in these anthologies but would love to finally have them all!

    I'll go with.... 712

  17. Did nobody dare to make 666 their number? 666! :-)
    I'd love to read those three books, I submitted a story for the Corvidae one but it didn't make it, so I'm hugely curious what stories did!

  18. Where was the winner announced? I'd expected it to be on this thread, but don't see anything that looks like said post on the appropriate day.

    1. It is the top post on this site. It was published on the day promised. Please look at the top post on this site.