July 8, 2015

A Serendipitous Photoshoot, A 'Grimm' Production, and A Castle in Oz, By Nora Stasio, Fairy Tale News Reporter

I like to think of myself as an avid explorer of the world-wide interwebs. During my recent travels, I came across three very different fairy-tale-themed recent event stories, and I'm pleased to share them each with you today.
This first story is related to fairy tales in sort of a roundabout way. What famous fairy tale film does the image above make you think of?
Benjamin Von Wong is an accomplished American photographer and "visual engineer." He traveled to Austria to do a photoshoot at the world's largest (and probably most beautiful) monastic library, the Stift Admont. The paintings and the architecture were breathtaking enough, but then he brought in a model wearing a perfectly glamorous gown by Polish designer, Agnieszka Ospia. She posed upon a ladder, holding a very old book, leaning in the light of the window.
Von Wong was merely hoping to create some beautiful images here, and he did, but he was surprised to find how much the final product was reminiscent of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Follow this link to see the rest of the fabulous photos, as well as some behind the scene shots: http://www.vonwong.com/blog/stiftadmont 
My favorite part of this story is that Von Wong had asked his makeup artist to hide inside the model's dress for some shots, in order to give the gown a more full look. Tricks of the trade!
Remember awhile back when I told you about Jack Zipes new publication, The Original Folk and Fairytales of the Brothers Grimm? As it turns out, Philip Pullman, author of The Golden Compass and the His Dark Materials series, has adapted Zipes's translations into an immersive theatre experience at the Oxo Tower on London's South Bank. The show is titled Grimm Tales for Young and Old.
There's not a stage--the entire tower was transformed into a unique sort of a theater. There was a different scene from a different fairy tale being represented in each room, and you travel throughout the tower to visit them all, one by one. Even the hallways between the rooms were decorated to represent various themes.
As I wrote before, some of the tales from the source material contain rather adult content, but nevertheless, the company recommends this production to ages 8 and up. If you're a European reader, maybe you had the chance to visit this unique attraction. The rest of us hope you'll tell us all about it!
Have you ever wanted to buy your own castle? One recently sold in Australia for only a few million dollars!
Castumbul Castle, comfortably nestled within a valley in rural Australia, was first erected in 2000 and completed in 2008. Though recently constructed, it has a very medieval look, with gargoyles on the roof, stone archways, turrets, marble halls, gold candelabras, and diamond chandeliers. I personally like the suit of armor on the landing of the grand staircase. But don't worry, it has all the modern conveniences you could hope for in an opulent mansion of this size. There are seven bedrooms, an elevator, a billiard room, a home cinema, and all the doors will lock at the push of a button. What's also interesting is that the curtains were made using fabric purchased from Princess Diana's estate. To see more of the castle, click here.

If you like living simply, don't purchase Castumbul Castle. It's designed to provide a bit more than the bare necessities. But if you're an aspiring royal, you may have just found your new dream home!

That's all for today. Have you ever been to a castle, or an ancient monastery? Did it make you feel like you'd traveled back in time, like you were actually Cinderella? Have you seen Grimm Tales for Young and Old? Leave us a comment!

Bio: Nora writes, "I have been a lover of creative writing and fairy tales for basically my entire life! I graduated Cum Laude from Rutgers where I completed a minor in English, with a focus in Creative Writing and Shakespeare (I majored in Psychology)."

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  1. I love visiting castles or other old buildings. Sadly it's been a while since I've had the chance, and I would love to go to the Grimm exhibit in London!