May 28, 2015

My Jewelry Commercial has Debuted: Book of Dreams, By Nora Stasio, Fairy Tale News Reporter

A still, from Book of Dreams

IT’S FINALLY DONE! The project I’ve been working on for so long! My jewelry commercial, Book of Dreams!

This is a video I made to showcase my handmade accessories, which I've talked about on this blog before, if you recall. Yes, alongside my love of fairy tales and crafting, I'm also an aspiring filmmaker! It seemed only natural for me to combine all my passions together into one exciting project. With some help from my wonderful, lovely friends, it actually came together!
To tell the truth, I have actually been working on this project since last summer. Before creating all the necklaces and headpieces featured here, and putting everyone’s outfits together, I first had to conceptualize the scenes, and that's what ended up taking the longest. I wanted the overall feel to be classically dreamy and magical, but in a very organic way. Eventually, I settled on two distinct scene concepts that I thought went well together: the first, an all-natural, pastoral scene of sisterly nymphs, roaming the forest, adorned in ivory lace and flowers (representing the day), and the second, an elegant tea party with black and white costumes, just hinting at a gothic edge (representing the night).
I worked with my brother, Marc, himself an inspiring composer, to create the original song, “Pages,” that's used here, and yes, that is me singing! I'm planning to release an official lyric video of the song as soon as I can, to really showcase the brilliant work he did.
Our budget was low, and the video quality could have been sharper, but I hope it comes across as charming and humble... All in all, I really am pleased with the final product, and I sincerely hope others will enjoy it, too.
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Thanks so so much for watching! Leave a comment to let me know what you thought! You can be honest :)

Have a lovely day!


  1. Congratulations, Kate! What a terrific way to showcase all your talents.

  2. Thanks, but it's Nora's work!