September 18, 2014

The Geography of the Future in Beyond Fate, By Amalia Dillon (And a Giveaway!)

Editor's note: Amalia's Fate of the Gods series is different from what is usually promoted here on EC, but since it's being published by World Weaver Press, I thought readers would enjoy learning about Amalia's third book in the series. WWP is doing a giveaway of four of her books. Look above to see more about entering.

So much of Fate of the Gods takes place in the past, drawing from historical events and myths, but Beyond Fate gave me the unique and really fun opportunity to predict the landscape of the future. And not just what kind of Jetson’s tech was available for Eve’s apartment (who can resist the lure of the irising door?), but the political and geographical landscape, two hundred years from now.

There are a number of factors which contributed to my major remodel of the Western nations we know and love, but the most important was the shift in climate. When the deserts are expanding and swallowing up the formerly rich farmlands, and farming methods reveal themselves as less than sustainable in a world where more than just one town, county, state, or country depends upon the food being grown in a region, it only made sense that some nations might shatter, and others rise. And as the climate shifts and the North warms (which we’ve already begun to see), previously frozen or inaccessible land will become all the more valuable. Which means that countries like Canada and the Scandinavia nations are likely to become incredibly powerful and wealthy.

I decided to keep a lot of the same major players we know today – Russia, for instance, didn’t go anywhere. India and China are alive and well in the East, even if their borders wouldn’t be recognizable to us today. But I made two big changes to the landscape of the West. First, I divided the United States into three new nations: The United East (primarily consisting of the East Coast, but also stretching into the Great Lakes), The Free West (the West Coast and Pacific Northwest, likely including Colorado), and The Republic of Texas (what’s left of the south and Midwest). And second, I united Scandinavia and Canada and renamed them The North Country, or, to those living outside their greatest of nations, The Scandinavian Union and Canadian North.

Since Scandinavia today already maintains a loose union of reciprocity for member nations, it seemed probable to me that those ties would only strengthen, and as for uniting with Canada... well, I won’t pretend that there aren’t other forces at work. Forces which may or may not be named Adam.

And if you want to learn how and why, and just what Adam is up to in the future, Beyond Fate is ready and waiting to answer your questions!

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