September 19, 2014

Changes in Book Reviews: Goodbye Lissa, Hello Brita!

Lisa Sloan, who has written many a post and story here, is moving on from her work as a book reviewer here at EC, as her writing career is taking flight! It's not at all surprising that she is finding success. Her work is terrific. Just check out her work by looking for her name in the labels here on EC. You won't be disappointed. Lissa will be sorely missed, but I think we'll still be seeing a bit of her here. She's been a big supporter of Enchanted Conversation for a long time!

The good news is that Brita Long has joined the team. You'll be reading her first review in the next few days. Here's her bio:

"Brita Long is a francophile feminist living out her own fairy tale with her husband in Ohio. You can find her online at, where she writes about her faith, books, and her life as a southern belle in the Midwest."

Welcome Brita!
Brita Long


  1. Thanks for the warm welcome! I love fairy tales and can't wait to share some of my favorite adaptations and original stories with the readers of Enchanted Conversation!

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Kate. I'm looking forward to reading your reviews, Brita:)

  3. Best wishes to Lissa; I've always enjoyed her reviews.

    And welcome to Brita; I look forward to reading her reviews. :)