Robin Williams and Aladdin

Last night, we learned the sad news that Robin Williams died of what may have been suicide.

Williams' connection to fairy tales and fantasy is pretty strong. Obviously, there's Aladdin. But there's also Hook. And let's not forget Faerie Tale Theatre.

What was your favorite Robin Williams performance, fairy tale or otherwise?


  1. Hook has been one of my favorite movies since childhood. I still can't believe that such an inspiring and influential artist is gone.

  2. I said my piece here:

    Aladdin was always THE Disney movie for me. I bet I nearly wore out that VHS tape.

  3. I have a soft spot for Aladdin too. But my favorite is probably The Fisher King. It's not strictly a fairy tale, but it has a fairy tale feel to it, and his performance is great. There's a lot of the usual zaniness, but when he walks Lydia back to her apartment and tells her he just wants that one kiss it is really touching. I wanted him to the get the Oscar for that one.


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