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Winter Dreams, By Carolyn Charron

Editor's note: This gorgeous coming-of-age exploration of a young girl's discovery of the fae and herself made this an easy April 2014 winner.

The fae live in my garden. The ones my mother says don’t exist. At first I think I am dreaming but I see them so often, I am soon certain it is not my imagination. They are as tangible as I.

They are beautiful with iridescent wings and high-pitched voices but rather shy. If I stay silent for a long while, they creep out of their hiding places. How I love lying there half hidden in the bushes, grass tickling my skin, watching them as they play games of "flying tag" and "touch the butterfly." All too soon though, a dog barks or someone calls my name, frightening them and they scatter in all directions.

I move my heavy earthbound arms and legs, wishing with all my heart that I possessed their light and graceful limbs. I have seen them alight on a flower and rest, cross-legged on a petal, barely moving it. The wind itself m…

That Cinderella, Moira Gardener

Editor's note: Sometimes, like with this story, a light, brisk tone is just what it takes to successfully recast an old, classic fairy tale.

“That Cinderella,” said one blind sister to the other. “What an uncharitable witch. She sits up there all high and mighty surrounded by servants, while we depend on charity.” The two old sisters sit in the town streets with their begging bowls nurse their bitterness. Then along comes a wizard.

Knowing of their plight he offers them a solution. He tells them he has an axe to grind with the present King, the former prince. Latching onto a chance to get even with Cinderella they agree to help him.

Saying a powerful incantation he restores their former youth and beauty, including their eyes and feet. You see, the sisters mutilated their feet trying to make them fit the glass slipper; and those darn birds of Cinderella’s pecked out their eyes. But, now fully restored, they run off to the Palace. Knowing Cinderella has a soft heart, the sisters concoc…

Fairy Tale Meal

Every so often, I write a post asking EC's friends what they would eat for a fairy tale meal. Which tale would inspire you? What would the meal consist of? Why?
Use your imagination. Tell us the delicious details.
Mine? I think it's a delicious array of nibbles of the kind one might find at the ball where Cinderella dances. Imagine cheeses, canapés, gleaming fruit, luscious chocolates, wafer thin slices of ham, all washed down with delicious, sparkling liquids that have a magical taste.
For your inspiration:
    "Cinderella," by Harry Clarke. Bet she's hungry!

Fairy Tale Merch--Disney Does it, and So Can You, By Nora Stasio, Fairy Tale News Reporter

I know I always say this, but it remains true--these days, fairy tales are trendy. From movies to books to video games, these classic stories are absolutely everywhere. The smartest of entrepreneurs have an understanding that now is the best time to sell Fairy tale-themed merchandise, and if you're creative and business-savvy, you may also be to cash in on the trend.

There's no dispute--whatever you're selling, the key to success is marketing. The folks at Disney have spared no expense in marketing their latest fairy tale epic, "Maleficent," and one of their major targets is young women with an interest in fashion. They've teamed up with Hot Topic Stores to create an exclusive clothing line inspired by Angelina Jolie's portrayal of the iconic villainess. There are currently seven items: three black dresses, one white dress, a leather vest, a grey tunic top, and a wickedly cool hoodie. So if you've ever wanted to dress like an evil fairy with a modern-d…