May 6, 2014

You Know You're a Fairy Tale Blogger When--Updated!

This fabulous round robin of fairy tale bloggers confessing the reasons behind their addiction to all things fairy tale began with this post.
I've been tagged by Tahlia Merrill, fairy blogmother (wish I'd thought of that cool name)! She's at 

So here I go!

You know you're a fairy tale blogger when:

* You publish, edit and pay for new fairy tales and fairy-tale inspired poems! (If it wasn't EC, there would be even more rare herbs in our garden. I was obviously a crone in another life. Or maybe this one.)

* You don't understand why everyone else doesn't obsess over how much fairy tales and rock 'n roll go together like Hansel and Gretel.

* You obsessively look for digital classic fairy tale art on Etsy, when you aren't looking for fairy-tale inspired jewelry. Ditto Pinterest.

* is the most inspiring visual source on the Internet.

* You have to control yourself when people talk about how unrealistic and overly "nice" fairy tales are. There's nothing nice about fairy tales!

* You have REALLY complicated feelings about Disney.

Here are a few more:

* You find reasons to talk about fairy tales in a class you are teaching that has NOTHING to do with fair tales. Then you find a way to talk about your site.

* You develop and teach and actual class on fairy tales, for college students, then make them comment on your site.

* You delight in "ruining" fairy tales like "The Little Mermaid," for people by telling them how they originally ended.

* You think kids should read fairy tales, but not because Bruno Bettelheim thought so.

* You find a way to deal with the fact that most movies about fairy tales are hugely disappointing. So you have other people write about them.
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Check them out!


  1. Nice! Thanks for sharing! "REALLY complicated feelings about Disney-" so very true...

  2. LOL! I think it's pretty darned obvious to anyone who visits here that you're not only a fairy tale blogger. ;)

    I adore your new tapestry-like header!

  3. I'm so glad I caught the bug of "fairy tale-itis". Love, love, love fairy tales.

  4. These have all been so much fun to read. It's nice to see so many kindred spirits out there:)