December 19, 2013

New Mythic Web Series from Lisa Stock: Persephone

Editor's note: I recently received this information on a fascinating web series by Lisa Stock. I'm very pleased to be sharing the information with friends of Enchanted Conversation.

As winter sets in across the country, director Lisa Stock delivers an eight part web series on the myth of Persephone and her journey back toward Spring.

Persephone follows the daughter of Demeter as she ascends from the Underworld through a treacherous landscape – both physical and emotional.  In the series, Persephone must confront her fears about death, assume the persona of the Deer Queen, and take her place among the Shades. On either end of the path Hades and Demeter vie for the one they love, and fight to hold together the worlds they've created.  But it is Persephone who must accept her fate, and find the courage and strength to bring on death and winter once again.  

"Althea," from Persephone

Shot over the course of 2013, each episode of the series experiments in style and visuals, with Carrie Anne Hunt portraying Persephone. Lisa sites Jean Cocteau and Maya Deren as her biggest influences for the series. “I felt that the Underworld would have many different perspectives and wanted to reflect her emotions in the landscape around her,” she says. “Persephone is an allegory for the process of mourning, a journey through the ebbs and flows of life: those we want to embrace, and those we want to run from - and how to find balance amid the darkness.”  And of her main character she says, "I wanted the Persephone we see in the final episode to be a different one from the first. She has grown into her own woman, and no longer calls out to be saved."
    "From pins to needles, from sun to sand, darkness and birth. The queen of Hades...the daughter of Demeter... Caught in the cycle of Souls."
"Hades," from Persephone

Lisa Stock, filmmaker
Click HERE to view all eight episodes, as well as read Lisa’s blog posts about the making of each. 
Lisa Stock is a filmmaker based in New York. Her films include “The Silent Nick and Nora”, “The Jules Verne Project”, and “HELL.”  Lisa has adapted the writings of Terri Windling and Neil Gaiman, and her work has been featured in festivals and screenings around the world including Cannes, London, New York, and Tel Aviv. Her forthcoming feature film is Titania. Come visit her at: .

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