December 15, 2013

Beyond the Glass Slipper for the Holidays

When I wrote Beyond the Glass Slipper, I had lots of audiences in mind. First and foremost was fairy tale fans, but would-be writers of new fairy tales or stories and poems influenced by fairy tales were very much in my mind. While buying the book is absolutely not a guarantee that you will be published on EC, it does give you a real look into my mind as a publisher.

Of course, I do wish you would buy Beyond the Glass Slipper, which would make a great holiday gift. It's available in e-book and paperback form. Many of you have bought it already, and I'd love to know what you think of it--yes, an honest opinion. But my desire for people to buy does not stem from greed. Despite the very fair terms I have with my wonderful publisher, World Weaver Press, I'm not going to get rich off of this book (almost no one gets rich off of writing books, truly).

I wrote Beyond the Glass Slipper as an homage to fairy tales, as a gift to lovers of fairy tales, as an aid to students, and as a guide to writers. By supporting it, you support Enchanted Conversation, a publication that takes a great deal of time and effort, and which gives me great joy. And if the price of the book is too much, ask your local library to get a copy.

You could support the book and EC by blogging or tweeting about them or just telling friends and family. Every comment in the comments section, on any post or topic, is a real help.

That's my holiday plea for BtGS. Thank you all for the support you give this site, and to those of you who bought the book. It's much appreciated.


  1. Reading the terrific contest winning stories and poems is reminding me what a great collection BTGS is. I'm pleased to have it on my fairy tale bookshelf:)

  2. Hi Kate! I just wanted to tell you I GOBBLED up your book--I absolutely adored it! I felt it recharged my writing brain cells and in fact, while reading, it seemed like I was taking a class with you! Thanks so much!