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Krampus: The (Real) Nightmare Before Christmas, By Scott Farrell

Editor's note: I am still busy making decisions on the Krampus anthology submissions, but Scott's fascinating information on Krampus is well worth reading on this eve of Christmas Eve--even though Krampus usually visits earlier in the month of December. The Terrifying Holiday-Devil of German Folklore In the Alpine regions of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, the December date for gift giving is not Christmas Day, but “St. Nicholas’ Eve,” December 5th. According to folklore, that’s the day the beloved patron saint of broadcasters, merchants, and (of course) children, goes from house to house in his long, fur-lined robe giving sweets and presents to obedient, well-behaved kids. This version of St. Nicholas isn’t accompanied by eight reindeer, however, but rather by a dreadful, demonic character known as the Krampus. Krampus (in some regions called Bartl or Klaubauf) is a fearsome devil right out of a child’s worst nightmare: a shaggy Satyr with a forked tongue, ram’s horns, cloven…

Krampus is in the Air!

Although it will be awhile until I sort through all the Krampus anthology submissions, it's good to see that Krampus is indeed having a moment.

The anthology will be out next year, but you can read about our dark  winter friend here.

I have no idea if the speculation in the article about the current Krampus popularity is right or not, but it's fun to read about.
Thanks to Eileen at World Weaver Press for alerting me to this.
            Say hello to my evil friend!

Crazy Collage

The above images have no reason to be together. I just liked them, so I put them into a collage!