November 27, 2013

Beautiful Site: A Polar Bear's Tale

The gorgeous image in the new, seasonal header is by Trygve M. Davidsen. I found it at A Polar Bear's Tale, one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever seen. The blogger, Aputsiaq M., has several other super-gorgeous sites. The blog, I believe, is written in Danish, but, obviously, translating is easy here at Blogger. I go there all the time.

Give it a look. I know I have mentioned it before, but it is just so fabulous, I can't get over it.

More eye candy, from A Polar Bear's Tale:

"Old Crow and His Friends," by Charles Livingston Bull

From "Life's Shattered Ones," by Henry Gerbault
"Jugend," 1897
"Field and Forest Friends," by Clarence Hawkes
"The Angel," William Baxter Closson
"Morozko," by Nicolai Kochergin


  1. Thank you so much for those wonderful is simply too much! Thanks again for visiting me!
    Hapy Thanksgiving from Denmark! Mette/Aputsiaq

  2. Gorgeous stuff! Thanks for posting this, Kate:)

  3. Does anyone know what happened to A Polar Bear's Tale Blog? It's gone and I loved it. I hope it is only a temporary problem.

  4. We are so many who miss Mette's amazing blog It was like going into an enchanted wood where every step was lined with gifts! Please consider opening it again or publish it as a book Mette.
    Love from Pia

  5. Hello, Wondering the same thing re: what has happened to the Polar Bears tale blog~ I can find nothing that says whether she simply decided to discontinue or whether it was hacked ~ nothing at all.If anyone reading this knows anything regarding it , would love to know~ It has been a fav. blog now for a long time and a real source of inspiration.

  6. It seems that the author of the blog chose to delete it... She wrote on her google journal that she had so many things to do and that it was no more easy to find "hidden gem" everyday as it was before...
    You can read her post on her Google profile. Search for "Aputsiaq Mette" (her name).
    However, one can still finds quite a lot of her pictures on Pinterest (by searching "Polar Bear Tales").
    ... It really sad news.