August 15, 2013

Enchanted Conversation has a Mascot

His name is Gus. He was in a shelter for magical kittens, AKA, the Elkhart County Humane Society.

I hope you will help me create an elaborate backstory for him, including a noble name and heritage. Naturally, has magical powers--of cuteness!


  1. Maybe Augustus! And I can practically see his family tree. He's surely a descendant of two great heroes from The Blue Fairy Book: clever Puss in Boots, and the very elegant White Cat!

  2. Prince Gustoff of Elkenhart was, at a very young age, kidnapped with a number of brothers and sisters and taken to a dungeon to await an unknown fate. They were treated well and were slowly separated with no one able to tell the young prince the fate of his siblings. One Day a lovely princess visited the dungeon to inspect the prisoners. Using his heritage of wit and charm Prince Gustoff was able to convince the princess to hide him in the folds of her gown so he could escape with her to the Enchanted Kingdom where they lived happily ever after.

  3. He reminds me of the English folktale, "Dick Whittington and His Cat." He looks to be quite the mouser!

  4. Cara:
    I love Augustus.
    But Badger, I aslo love Prince Gustoff of Elkenhart.
    And Shepard, Dick Whittington s one of my favorite stories, ever!
    Sadly, we will never know if he is a mouser. He is an indoor fellow, living in our hermetically sealed suburban home.

  5. Ah Kate, that's what you think ... but at night, Augustus Gustoff bounces three times on those adorable paws and wishes really hard and with a PFFFT, he vanishes, off on a quest to find his long lost siblings and collect the magical elements, shared amongst them all, which will restore happiness to their kingdom. Of course, after a night of adventuring, he comes back every morning at dawn. He can't miss his breakfast.

  6. Gus was originally Bast, naturally. Having gone through transformation through regeneration, and having the name bastardized through poor phonetic transcription and anglicization, Bast is now Gus. And why Gus was in the animal shelter is also lost in translation. :)

    Gus is gorgeous!