July 3, 2013

Best Snow White Illustration Ever?

I purchased this image for about $2.00 awhile back I think it is my favorite "Snow White" illustration ever.

Now that I have your attention, some reminders:
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Now, the awesome eye candy! The illustration is by Monro S. Orr.


  1. I hadn't seen that one before!
    Unlike a lot of fairy tale people who don't like Snow White at all - which I can understand - it's one I'm continually drawn to at different stages of life. Thanks for sharing.
    I'll be leaving a review along the lines of "if you like fairy tales you need this book on your shelf" soon, because it really is unique and fills a void (sequel please?) but want to do that when I have most of my brain functioning again.
    In the meantime: more of everything please!

  2. This is close to the strangest-but-very effective fairy tale illustration I've seen. I am fascinated. Compositionally unconventional and motionless, full of portent, and an unusually subtle yet wicked queen. Thanks for posting. Going to research it now

  3. I agree that this is an outstanding illustration. Thank you for posting.