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The Two Sisters, By Loni Klara

Editor's note: This story has lots of atmosphere. It's a terrible little tale, full of lies and scares. You wont want to pass this one up.

Based on “The Twa Sisters,” an anonymous ballad that dates back to 1656.
Not a single soul could be seen treading the paths of the small lonely village in which our ghastly tale will ensue. It was a dreary day with no radiant sun to light the path and no sweet music coming from the households. Quite easy to presume then, that the occupants were obviously not in the mood for lively instruments on this specific day. Alas, the wind blew strongly over the houses, drowning any sound that may entail from within, and carrying its force to the sea nearby, which was quite a rising tempest. 
In one of the petite houses there lived a small family, consisting of two girls and their old man, whose state was such that he had already laid out his last will and testament and had acquired a particularly pleasing spot of the churchyard where he wish…

Cinderella's Slipper, By Jude Tulli

Editor's note: I love the stars. The pictures we receive from outer space shine more divinely than anything we can conceive here on Earth. That's why Jude's poem spoke to me. PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINKS!

If Cinderella's slipper was a galaxy
Her gown would be the shimmering Sloan Great Wall,
Her fascinator unrivalled by any stepsister's.

She would dazzle with Oort Cloud earrings,
Woven spiral arms the perfect cinch to be her belt.
Her bracelets tinkle in time when she dances with her prince.

How she has cried supernova tears, this princess.
For she has known such depths of darkness in the heart
That when she laughs the brightness from her eyes will take your breath away.

Oh, if Cinderella's slipper is a galaxy,
Let me be a sentient speck of dust
At that grand ball!

Jude Tulli is honored to have been published before on Enchanted Conversation. He lives beneath the bright Milky Way night sky with his beloved wife Trish and a small pride of housecats.

Can Anyone Tell Us About this Picture?

It's wonderful, but its name and maker are a mystery to me.