May 13, 2013

You Can Buy a Book From Me, Updated

Dear EC Fans:
I just sent out my first shipment of Beyond the Glass Slipper signed paperback books, and am sad to say that I will be able to ship to US buyers only, from this point forward. International buyers will do much better at Amazon for the paperback version.

Amazon will get it to you faster. Even if I do charge for international shipping, I suspect Amazon will give much better shipping rates. And don't forget, the e-book is available in Kindle and Nook and Kobo forms.

As for the flat rate of $10, it will continue at $10, including shipping, for US customers, which, to be blunt, is a deal!

I value EC's international readers and writers every bit as much as the US ones, so this decision pains me. The international orders made up to today have been honored at the original rate.

I am sorry for all of this. I am no business person, that is clear.


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