May 18, 2013

Regular Paid Columnists Wanted, Enchanted Conversation POSITIONS FILLED

 ear EC Friends,
EC's monthly contests are going to continue, of course, and I certainly hope the special Beyond the Glass Slipper contest will yield many fabulous entries. Yet, I still have further plans to expand the amount of new material that is published in EC monthly. To that end, I am looking for three writers to do three different kinds of columns per month. They will be paid $15  (US dollars only) per column. (I wish it could be more, but the budget is small right now. The rate could go to $25 per month if things get better financially. Let's hope the book keeps selling!) Update: You must 18 or older to apply.

I am looking for one contributor for each of the following areas:

* Book reviewing: The contributor would be responsible for getting free reviewer's copies of new books on fairy tales or of or influenced by fairy tales. I would expect two to four books to be reviewed each month. The reviewer could then sell or keep the books.

* Fairy tale news reporter: This writer would be responsible for writing five to 10 little nuggets of news monthly about fairy tales in pop culture: new movies, trends, art, etc.

* Fairy tale vintage sleuth: This writer will investigate old illustrations, out-of-copyright fairy tale books and old, interesting bits of information about fairy tales the rest of us may never have known.

There will be more details forthcoming for the people chosen, and the commitment would be for one year.

Please query in ONE area with a sample column of how you would do the job (no more than 750 words, MAX). You must be an EC follower. Include a very brief bio. No attachments, please, unless it is art, which you may include. The actual sample writing should be in the body of the email.

Send the queries to, no later than June 30, 11:59 p.m., EST.


  1. What fun ideas for columns!

  2. I hope I get some interest. I'm a little worried about how little in the way of interest I've seen in the BtGS contest.

  3. Have been off with a non-cooperating arm and busyness (am a proper Bisy Backson currently). Hope to get a read on soon.

    I would love the reviewer position--I'm on the reviewing panel of a journal over here--but I doubt I could get access to any US presses' stuff. Though a friend just published a collection of fairy tales with Templar I'd love to get my hands on.