May 14, 2013

Beyond the Glass Slipper Writing Contest Closed

"The Decameron," by Theodor Baierl

Grand Prize: $200
Four Honorable Mention Prizes: $50 each
Deadline: August 15, 2013, at 11:59 p.m., EST.

* The following tales should serve as inspiration for stories or poems you submit. They, are, of course, in the book, and you can find them online as well. But understand, the contest celebrates Beyond the Glass Slipper.
"The Nixy," "The Soldier and the Vampire," "The Three Pennies," "Fairy Gifts," "The Loving Pair," "The Dirty Shepherdess,"  "The Gifts of the Little People," "The Blue Light," "King Pig," and "Kisa the Cat."
* Update: Please indicate which of the 10 above stories your work is inspired by in your submission.

* I am interested in stories or poems that are inspired by these works, not very close retellings of the stories.
* You must be 18 to be published in Enchanted Conversation.
* The content age level is 13 or above. Think The Hunger Games and late Harry Potter books for content level. But EC is NOT a young children's publication. No sci-fi, high fantasy or space travel. Dark is just fine, but always try to celebrate the human condition, even if the story or poem involves tragedy. No erotica.
* All formatting must be clean, clear and in the body of an email. No attachments will be opened or considered. If you copy and paste from a word processing program, be sure each line breaks normally as though you were writing across the email message box.Tricky spacing or elaborate breaks, a huge amount of paragraph breaking and symbols like *&%^) will harm a submission's chances of being chosen. Please do not indent paragraph openings. Just break once between paragraphs. Just one, clearly defined space.
* Please edit your work. Since American punctuation and spelling is what I know, please consider that when writing. It's not that I think it's superior, it's just that it's what I know. That said, I greatly welcome submissions from outside the US.
* All submissions must be accompanied by a very short bio, written in the third person. No more than two sentences, please. Please do not provide a list of all of your publishing credits.
* You must be a follower through Twitter, Pinterest, Google Friends/Followers OR are part of a Google+ circle of mine to be considered for any publication.You do not need to follow in more than one way. You must indicate how you follow when you submit.
* Only submit work using an email address you check often. If I send you a message letting you know a submission has been chosen and you don't respond in seven days, I will move on to the next work that was closest to being chosen.
* No contracts will be used. Just please read this page.
* Send all submissions to Also, you must have a Paypal address that you include with the submission.
* Do read work EC has already published to see what gets published here.
* Each writer may submit only one story or one poem (previously unpublished) for the contest. Also, please do not submit a work to another site while it is still being considered for Enchanted Conversation. After the contest has ended, and the winners announced, your story/poem is released from consideration. At that point, exclusivity is my problem, not yours.
* Works submitted for a contest will be acknowledged with a very brief email back to let you know it has been received. No feedback of any kind will be given, at any time. Only winners will be notified, briefly, via email. Winners will also be announced on the site. Those whose works have not been chosen will not be told individually. (I am sorry for this, but I do not have the time.) 
* EC claims the first rights to works chosen for publication on this site via the contest, but once I publish it, the writer or poet may shop it elsewhere. I do reserve the right to archive indefinitely, but will remove a work upon request. By accepting the contest prize, the winner acknowledges that EC has the right to first world-wide publication.
* There is no minimum or maximum word count. However, very long poems also have less chance of publication.
* Money will be paid in US dollars only. I do not do currency conversions.
* No entry fee. 
Since Beyond the Glass Slipper was conceived, nearly a year ago, I've been hoping that the stories in the book would eventually inspire writers and poets. I thought long and hard about how to achieve that, and holding a contest seemed like the best way to accomplish the goal.

To begin, I want to make it clear: I want to sell copies of Beyond the Glass Slipper. Of course I do, and to pretend otherwise would be silly. But Enchanted Conversation contests have never had a fee for entry, and there isn't one now, even in a roundabout form, like a required book purchase.

All of the stories in the book are available online. The value of the book, I believe, is in the perspective and the very considerable experience I bring to the tales from years as a college writing teacher as well as editor of EC. Make no mistake, BtGS is a big peek into how I think, read, write and edit.

You should also know that the book is available from a number of outlets (here, at Amazon, B&N and Kobo), so there is no way to keep track of who is buying it, beyond the very small number purchased here on EC--but even my family didn't purchase it through here. Don't worry about that influencing my decision.

That's enough of that. Now, the contest details:

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  1. How exciting and generous of you, Kate!