May 12, 2013

A Special Contest for Beyond the Glass Slipper is Coming Soon!

A special contest at Enchanted Conversation with a top prize of $200 will be starting soon. The contest will be focused on stories featured in Beyond the Glass Slipper (although you will not need to buy the book to enter).

I expect to have all details posted in a few days. In the meantime, something pretty to look at.

Also, while you definitely don't need the book to succeed in the contest, if you have it, I'd read it and think of story ideas! It's never too early to begin, and the book really is designed to inspire writers who want to work with fairy-tale themes.

I will be sending out copies of BtGS purchased through this site on Monday. But please note that you can purchase copies through Kindle, paperback on Amazon and B&N's Nook. In other words, EC is not the only place to purchase Beyond the Glass Slipper, but it is the only place to get a signed copy!

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