April 19, 2013

BTGS Is for Writers and Poets

Beyond the Glass Slipper is for typical readers, teachers, and book club members, but it is also very much for writers.

I'm very proud of the of stories and poems published on Enchanted Conversation. Often, even the ones we don't choose are quite good. If there was more time and money, we'd publish more. Yet, because of time, I cannot, as editor and publisher, respond to people's requests for feedback and criticism.

So, in BTGS, I offer ideas for every story about how a writer or poet might examine the tale as a source of inspiration. Of course, I do not want to give the content of the book away here on EC, so here is a sample of what I might do with questions for writers and poets--questions designed to produce successful works inspired by a fairy tale.

"Toads and Diamonds" is a story of parental favoritism, some sibling rivalry and the importance of good manners. Ask yourself, what was the REAL fate of the "good sister" in the story? Might she have tired of vomiting up jewels every time she spoke? What would the real motivation be of the kind who married her? Greed only? What was his fate? What about offspring? Did they inherit the "gift"? If so, was it a good thing?
Maybe you could tell a story from the point of view of a servant who had to tend the "lucky" girl who spoke diamonds. What happened to the stepmother? What about a story about the fairy? Did the "bad" sister really die a horrible, lonely death?

You see, I'm looking for works inspired by an old story. The connection can be relatively light. Straightforward retellings of a well-known story are very seldom used on EC anymore. The stories and poems used on EC are only inspired and influenced by classic fairy tales nowadays.

Also, let's be clear on Disney: Please. No. Look, I love Disney's  The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty. Yet, there is really nothing left to say about what Disney does with fairy tales. Instead, look at the actual takes and let your imagination slide in all kinds of odd directions. You'd be surprised with what you come up with.

If you'd like to read some great efforts at fairy-tale-inspired work, check out Wolves and Witches. And for a great "Snow White" kind of story, read Opal.

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